Maketi Ples

The Pacific Islands creates some of the world's freshest art. With a unique cultural outlook, Pacific Island art is heavily influenced by an intriguing blend of geographical isolation and rich tropical spaces. Pacific Islanders are fiercely proud of their cultural heritage and rightly so. Each year attendees at Sydney's Maketi Ples exhibitions have remarked on just how much beauty and complexity is portrayed in the traditional and modern creative works on display. 

Australia is indeed lucky to be in such close proximity to the South Pacific region, so take advantage of this rare opportunity - come and see the rich and almost musically complex range of styles and messages presented by artists from Melanesia, Polynesia and Micronesia.

Event details

Each year Maketi Ples will be on display for 2 weeks starting with bang at the Opening Night with live entertainment, food and drink

Opening night : 2017 TBD

Exhibition dates : 2017 TBD

Location: 2017 TBD


Opening night, Maketi Ples 2015

Opening night, Maketi Ples 2015

Opening night, Maketi Ples 2015

Opening night, Maketi Ples 2015


The Creative Arts program, through wide consultations and continuing dialogue with key partners in the Australian market, has identified that there is an expressed interest in traditional art forms which is produced by Pacific Island contemporary creators. 

Keen interest has been shown in textiles, basketry and hand-carved products - an indication that the buyer market is interested in products specifically for home-wares created by artisans.

The promotion of Pacific Islands Fine Arts and Artisan works is not synonymous with the traditional commercial gallery model.  Based on the market information and feedback, the Creative Arts program set out to create an event (“Maketi Ples”) to introduce the fine work of PIC’s artists and artisans directly to Australian consumers, designers, retailers, importers and the Australian media.

It was expressed that successful participants (creative and ready individuals, groups or institutions) were required to have the capacity to participate, that is, to have the ability to fund their own airfare, daily meals, incidentals, accommodation, to freight and insure their products to and from Sydney. 

Participation in the event was open to all creators residing in the 14 Pacific Island Countries (PIC’s), excluding Australia and New Zealand.  

PT&I and Maketi Ples

Maketi Ples, the core activity undertaken by the Creative Arts program is a key initiative by Pacific Islands Trade & Invest.

Maketi Ples is a crucial step in the support of the creative arts in the Pacific region. Trade Commissioner Caleb Jarvis believes “By investing in the promotion of Pacific Islands based artists and artisan skills, we are emphasising the highly significant and contemporary value of the traditional knowledge and expressions of culture of the Pacific communities.”

The successes of Maketi Ples each year (2011-on) confirms the strategic positioning of the Creative Arts from the region in the Sydney market. 

The strategic placement of a professionally presented, commercially focused art and artisan based exhibition, Maketi Ples provides a solid foundation and platform to promote the creator communities of the Pacific.